Strange things are afoot with the Wrap Up this week. No SmackDown report to speak of. I’m actually writing this on a Tuesday evening as I won’t be able to tackle it on Wednesday. This is really just a PPV/RAW report, kind of like the way things used to be before the brand split that caused SmackDown to become the superior show.

I write this not knowing the Survivor Series members of Team SmackDown, but I think most of us can piece that team together given the limited names on the roster. It’s kind of inconsequential in the grand scheme of things considering how little I care about the storyline feud between the two shows. Sure, whoever wins the match for their respective team will get rewarded for their endeavor, probably with a title shot of some sort, but overall I’m guessing few fans are truly invested in one side winning over the other.

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Source: Wrestling Wrap Up: The Pros and Cons of Survivor Series

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