I know what you’re thinking. Aside from pondering Guardians Vol. 2, Persona 5, and how icky those Taco Bell commercials are where the taco and burrito finally engage in a drunken 2am hook up. You’re thinking “Are we in a slump like the headline says or is this just, kind of, WWE’s standard factory setting?”

Well, to be fair, long gone are the days when RAW was must-watch, despite what Miz decrees. There’s no longer an onus to deliver every single drop of creative passion into a typical three-hour Monday show. There’s a lot of wheel-spinning and going-through-the-motion and most times you feel like you’ve watched a house show/live event because nothing’s changed after the show. The status quo still holds.

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Source: Wrestling: The Post-WrestleMania Slump Has Set In

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