In the worst of times, just as in the best of times, we look to heroes to guide us. Sometimes they stand before us a symbol of hope, or simply a reminder that things aren’t as bad as we perceive them to be. Other times, they have the ability to pull us out of the depths of despair with just a kind word of encouragement. A hero can even take you back to a simpler, more optimistic time; a time devoid of shades of grey and moral complexity. A time when good could decisively triumph over evil. Today, more than ever, we need a hero that can raise our spirits and remind us that love and compassion are all humanity needs in order to find peace. That hero is Wonder Woman.

Something to consider when thinking of many comics heroes is how they were created to empower the most vulnerable and powerless among us: children. Each of us who gravitated towards superheroes as a child did so, whether we realized it or not, because they had the power to make things better. They didn’t need permission, and they weren’t at the mercy of anyone else. They were powerful, fearless, and courageous in the face of unspeakable evil.

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Source: Why the World Needs a Wonder Woman

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