Netflix’s Sense8 is a show constantly in motion, in front of and behind the camera. When IGN caught up with the production in Chicago last summer along with a small group of reporters, they were halfway through filming Season 2, which hits Netflix this Friday. They’d been city and country hopping every two weeks (Terrence Mann mentioned the show goes to 15 or 16 different countries for Season 2), but on this sunny and breezy day, the action was happening at the tranquil quad at the The University of Chicago. Some of the Sensates were stopping by to visit a professor who has an integral role to play in Season 2.

Whispers is still a factor, as is his link to Will. The Sensates are coming together as a team. Angelica is maybe not dead. In short, the road of Season 2 twists and turns. We learned a little about what you can expect.

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Source: What to Expect from Netflix's Sense8: Season 2

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