At E3, fans got their first hands-on with Capcom’s latest fighting title at E3’s showroom floor. The developers emphasized that the game is far simpler than its predecessors: combos are easier to initiate, the series’ focus on assists is no more, and you’re only selecting two heroes instead of three. The lesson Capcom seems to be projecting is: “fans thought Marvel vs.Capcom 3 was too complex.” Even the title, “Infinite,” suggests that the game is meant to be a clean break from the series’ legacy.

It’s hard not to see the game’s focus on story-mode and simple gameplay as a reaction to what happened with Street Fighter V’s disastrous launch. Last year, SF V alienated a lot of fans by launching without an arcade mode, an insufficient tutorial mode, and a reduced roster. Sales disappointed and the community revolted– creating a PR nightmare for Capcom.

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Source: What Does Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Want to Be?

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