Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The thing that made me nervous going into Westworld’s season finale was that yes, at this point, William and the Man in Black being one and the same was blatantly obvious. So if the finale held off on this until the very end, saving it as a big “Gotcha!”, it would have been decidedly weak. That being the case, it was good to see that moment occur about half way through the episode, because now a weight had been lifted and we still had plenty of time left for other events to take precedence.

Should the William/Man in Black reveal still have happened earlier in the season? Yes, I think so. It couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a waste of finale screen time seeing MIB explain it all to Dolores since most viewers could see it coming for so long, complete with William picking up a black hat for the first time. Still, the moment where he saw Dolores have the same “meet cute” with another guest that he’d had was impactful as far as showing his perception of her as someone meant for him shatter. Also, I was glad to at least have him tell her, “You never did escape,” since that was my big concern with this scenario since it was first suggested as a potential twist – that Dolores’ whole journey with William this season was actually a futile/pointless one, since she never did actually get away.

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Source: Westworld: Season 1 Finale Review

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