Warning: The following interview with Vikings creator/showrunner Michael Hirst contains massive spoilers from this week’s episode, “All His Angels.”

This week, Vikings star Travis Fimmel exited the show in epic fashion as Ragnar, traded over to King Ælla, fell to a series of burnings, beatings and poisonous snake bites. Doomed to the vengeful king’s viper pit, Ragnar sacrificed himself for the sake of his own legacy and for the future of his people, knowing that Ivar and his brothers would swear revenge and come calling on England for blood.

I spoke to Vikings creator Michael Hirst about the game-changing episode, “All His Angels,” and what Ragnar’s demise means for the rest of the series. Plus, I got Hirst’s thoughts about the death itself, Ragnar’s relationship with Ecbert, and why Ivar was, ultimately, Ragnar’s choice to succeed him.

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Source: Vikings Creator on This Week's Shocking Turn of Events

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