Marvel’s latest Venom comic has some elements working in its favor, but nothing so far has allowed it to overcome the hurdle poses by its bland protagonist. And with all of Marvel’s teases regarding a drastically different status quo in May’s Venom #150 (and the possible return of Eddie Brock), what incentive do readers have to invest themselves in the series right now? Not much, if Venom #4 has anything to say about the matter.

Perhaps it was a mistake to make former Venom host Mac Gargan such a prominent fixture in the series. This issue features the first big clash between the old Venom and the new, and Mac has a bad habit of stealing Lee Price’s thunder during their scenes together. Mac is a fun villain, regardless of whether he calls himself Venom or Scorpion. Lee is just the the dull, emotionless soldier.

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Source: Venom #4 Review

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