Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Okay, so, um… Well. Where to begin?

After last week’s episode was, in many ways, the most straightforward and “classic” Twin Peaks of this revival season, David Lynch and Mark Frost went into a completely different direction this time out with an episode that was completely bats**t crazy. And I loved it! Look, I wouldn’t be shocked if this was “enough is enough” episode for some people, given how off the rails it went, but it was gloriously off the rails. And I think, maybe, sorta/kinda, it all added up? For Twin Peaks that is.

Here’s my interpretation of what we saw:

In 1945, a nuclear test either created or led to the release of Bob. After this, The Giant — who has, to date, always seemed a force for good — and a woman/being he was allied with were alerted to this happening. The Giant then worked to create something that could battle and stop Bob – and that thing was Laura Freaking Palmer. 11 years later, an egg in the desert opened, freeing a creature that may have been the true physical “birth” of Bob (hey, 11 years is just your standard birth cycle for an evil possessing killer!). When this occurred, another being from the Black Lodge then used his abilities to knock out the local townspeople, allowing this huge bug creature that held Bob to crawl inside its first human host.

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Source: Twin Peaks: "Part 8" Review

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