Even if you aren’t into Harry Potter, you are at least familiar with the name. The character, written by J.K. Rowling and portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe on screen, is one of the most iconic in pop culture. However, it turns out that the Harry Potter we all know and love isn’t even the first wizard to be named Harry Potter.

We know this thanks to the latest history dump provided by Rowling over at Pottermore. If you keep up with Rowling at all, you are probably aware of her tendency to continue to provide additional information about the world she created, and the characters therein. While she hasn’t written a new book about Potter and company for quite some time, Rowling can’t seem to help revisiting Potter and company. This time around, she went into the history of the Potter family lineage, where she dropped the news about the first Harry Potter.

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Source: Turns Out Harry Potter Isn't the First "Harry Potter"

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