Just in time for the holidays, DC Collectibles has released a new Batman: The Animated Series style Batwing and Batmobile.

They’re available for sale separately, but we took some fancy pictures so you can see just how cool they are – click right to see all the images:

The Batwing is a full 36″ and neatly fits two 6″ action figures inside, once you slide open the top. It has two moving wheels and light-up headlights, breaks, and engine, and costs $175.

The Deluxe Batmobile (not to be confused with the original ‘Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile’) actually comes with an Animated Series style Batman and Robin, as well as a light up Bat-Signal, on wheels.

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Source: These 90s Batmobile and Batwing Toys Are Spot-On Animated Series Replicas

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