Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

While still crawling along at a semi-sluggish pace, “Something They Need” was a rocket ship compared to most of Season 7’s back half – dealing with three storylines at once as we close in on a season finale (assumedly) rife with violence and betrayal.

Sasha’s cell, Hilltop, and Oceanside (which finally got name-checked, officially) were the locations this week. The theme? Cowardice, as Rick, Sasha, and Maggie dealt with separate characters who’d fallen victim to the Saviors’ extreme intimidation tactics. Only Maggie seemed unaware of the level of sheer gutlessness she was dealing with in Gregory, though she’s certainly attuned to his levels of ineptitude and worthlessness. She just really had no idea that he, for a few seconds, contemplated stabbing her outside the gates because she poses a serious threat to his comfort and position.

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Source: The Walking Dead: "Something They Need" Review

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