Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Man, what a weird episode.

Were the Garbage People of Trashlandia a part of the comics? The show is now past where I stopped reading so I don’t know what’s a straight adaptation anymore. Either way, I need some answers here. Maybe answers are coming. Maybe we’ll get an explanation as to why these oddballs act like they’ve been living in a Mad Max apocalypse for two generations and not just a handful of years like everyone else, but until that happens the verdict is that these folks are pretty damned goofy.

Yes, “New Best Friends” introduced us to a entirely new community of zompocalypse survivors, but unlike the Saviors and Hilltop, who act like real people (and real d-bags), and the Kingdom, who live in an agreed upon delusion, the Garbage People feel like they all escaped from the same mental hospital.

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Source: The Walking Dead: "New Best Friends" Review

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