The recent generation that values freedom, equality, and new money have heavily instilled the saying “Surround Yourself With People Who Support You” into their lives. Numerous successful artists, athletes, and actors have advised their aspiring fans to abide by this rule. However, this rule needs to be put to the test in the reality setting of lower to middle class income citizens and how it corresponds to family norms. Most aspiring musician who are anchored by religious sanctions get very little support from their parents and religious community. Thus, this “golden-rule for success” is suggesting that they depart from their family and culture to reach success. In reality, those with little life experience need to understand that family is one of life’s most stable and reliable sources, and it should not be easily disposed of from the messages that are endorsed by the media. Success in life should be defined by a balance of individuality and family support.

Source: The Truth Behind Cliche Sayings: “Surround Yourself With People Who Support You”

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