With The Tick now officially ordered as a full series by Amazon Prime, The Tick’s creator Ben Edlund and his fellow executive producer Barry Josephson were on hand at New York Comic Con today to discuss the new version of the comedic superhero.

Fans of Patrick Warburton and his live-action version of the character can rest easy – the actor (who is one of the producers of the new version) will appear in the new show at some point. Said Josephson, “He’ll do something special. I can’t say exactly when.”

Edlund said, of Warburton, “I think he’ll have a really interesting role. They’ll be some comments on the Tick, because he was The Tick.” Edlund said he’d love to bring in all of the cast members from the previous series eventually, saying, “Everyone in the whole live-action was wonderful, so if we have the opportunity to use Nestor

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Source: The Tick Will Parody the Punisher

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