Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Kevin returned to the Leftovers’ version of the afterlife for a riveting, brain-spiraling, and heartrending penultimate series episode where, after dying a couple of times in order to check items off on a beyond-the-grave grocery list that included learning a song and passing along some messages, Kevin wound up having a catharsis, violently cutting a key out of his own heart.

The afterlife world, which we saw twice back in Season 2, is, naturally, very reminiscent of the flash-sideways reality back in that final season of Lost. The viewers see familiar faces, in this case dead ones, but in a word-jumble version of the show’s established story. Everyone’s present, even those we haven’t seen in a while, but in different roles. The “rules” of this world are far from clear and it seems like each time Kevin leaves the place he has to do it in a different manner. The most significant side-effect of this mysterious doppelganger-filled astral plane however is that it always shows Kevin certain varied truths about the real world.

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Source: The Leftovers: "The Most Powerful Man in the World" Review

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