If you think The House is going to be something radically new from Will Ferrell, you’re going to disappointed. But, if you like, or even love, the likes of Step Brothers or Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby, The Others Guys or Old School, then you’ll probably lap this up. This isn’t classic Ferrell but it’s as close to it as we’ve been for a while and it is damn good fun.

A lot of comedies in recent years have felt like a string of decent set-pieces that are strung together by other stuff, but The House hangs together well and feels pretty cohesive even when some moments seem a bit too by the numbers. A lot of that is thanks to a blend of sharp writing, some impeccable puerile and gross-out humor, some deft comedy turns and some other nice touches including a cameo that is, while not classic, a fun touch.

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