Emily Blunt is the best thing about The Girl on the Train, a thriller based on the hit 2015 novel from author Paula Hawkins. But even she isn’t enough to elevate the film from its slow, uninspired plot.

The titular girl on the train is Blunt’s Rachel, an alcoholic, emotionally unstable woman who never recovered after her husband Tom (Justin Theroux) cheats on her and then leaves her her for real estate agent Anna (Rebecca Ferguson). She takes the train back and forth to New York City every day, sitting in the car that allows her the best view of her former home with Tom, which he now shares with Anna and their infant child.

During her daily trips she becomes obsessed with Megan (The Magnificent Seven’s Haley Bennett), who lives several doors down from Tom with her husband Scott (Luke Evans). Without knowing anything about Megan and Scott, Rachel idolizes them — and particularly Megan — as being the embodiment of everything she lost. One day she sees Megan kissing another man (Edgar Ramirez) on her balcony, which causes Rachel to spiral and do something that, due to a drunken blackout, she can’t remember. When Megan turns up missing the following day, Rachel seems like the prime suspect.

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