Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

I’m not sure anyone would argue that Season 3 isn’t the weakest year so far for The Flash. That said, the show has made some pretty impressive strides in recent weeks, pushing back against the darkness that’s dominated Barry Allen’s world lately and finally molding Savitar into the compelling, understandable villain he should have become months ago. “Finish Line” wasn’t without its problems, but it does serve as a proper end-cap to the season and a potentially huge game-changer for the series going forward.

Last week’s episode left Team Flash in a very dark place, as Savitar seemingly succeeded in his goal of murdering Iris and ensuring that he’ll be born four years in the future. This episode wasted little time in revealing that good ol’ H.R. pulled a switcheroo and sacrificed himself in her place. I know I’m hardly the only one to predict that twist last week. I can understand why this twist might upset some viewers. It’s certainly easier to kill off Harrison Wells 3.0 than to eliminate Iris, especially when there’s always an assembly line of Wellses ready to replace any that get damaged or broken.

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Source: The Flash: Season 3 Finale Review

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