Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It’s growing more and more difficult to feel much enthusiasm about the future of The Flash lately. The overarching conflict in Season 3 isn’t measuring up to its predecessors. And if these past two episodes are any indication, Savitar is shaping up to be a far inferior villain than Reverse-Flash and Zoom. It’s the core Team Flash dynamic that continues to drive the show when all else fails. “Killer Frost” worked mainly because it hinged so heavily on that dynamic.

That’s not to say things started off on a great note this week. “Killer Frost” picked up exactly where “Shade” left off, with Wally trapped in Alchemy’s cocoon and Barry fighting for his life against Megatr… I mean Savitar. That opening sequence offered a much closer glimpse of the season’s main villain. And once again, it seems like history is repeating himself. Savitar is an evil speedster who can run circles around the Flash. Barry will have to dig deep and become much faster to overcome his new foe. How novel…

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Source: The Flash: "Killer Frost" Review

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