Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

If it weren’t for that pesky “Duet,” “Infantino Street” would be a clear contender for the strongest installment of The Flash: Season 3. Even as the series rapidly built towards the final showdown between Barry Allen and his evil doppelganger, this episode was able to deliver a terrifically enjoyable team-up between Barry and the late Leonard Snart. The result was a very well-balanced episode that hopefully will serve as a sign of things to come for the series in Season 4.

I was immediately struck by the unusual way this episode opened, with somber music playing over a montage of Team Flash members bonding and bracing themselves for the inevitable return of Savitar. That really helped to set the mood right off the bat. The fact that the episode was book-ended with a reprise of that song was an especially nice touch. It brings to mind the ending of the Arrow episode “Disbanded.” It’s fun seeing the shows toy with their opening and closing segments like this, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that experimental approach continue next year.

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Source: The Flash: "Infantino Street" Review

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