Warning: Full spoilers for The Expanse season premiere follow.

Syfy’s chilling conspiracy space saga, The Expanse, returned with a double-sized premiere – two episodes in one, “Safe” and “Doors & Corners.”

Sometimes with these double-episode premieres you have to sort of check and see if the two chapters were designed to play back-to-back or if they’re just being shoved together for the sake of shortening the seasonal run.

With these two installments though, it’s fairly obvious that they were written to pair up with one another nicely, as “Doors and Corners” was very action-heavy and “Safe” was more about the crew of the Rocinante reeling from the Eros incident and then finding ways to come together for the big push on the communications relay (which turned out to be a research station headed by the now-shot dead Dr. Dresden).

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Source: The Expanse: Season 2 Premiere Review

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