Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to review every episode of The Americans this season and it’s likely some weeks, even if I do, I’ll need to keep them on the short side. All of which is to say, here’s some quick thoughts on Season 5’s second episode!

Paige’s situation just keeps getting more complicated in more compelling ways. The discovery that she’s distraught enough to be sleeping in her closet sometimes was heartbreaking – but of course Philip and Elizabeth barely had time to worry about that once Stan revealed he’d noticed something was wrong with her.

I loved the demented Americans version of “the sex talk” Philip and Elizabeth then had with Paige. Which wasn’t, “Make sure you’re ready” or, “Be sure and use protection,” but basically, “Don’t tell him we’re Russian spies.” Paige in the meantime denied that she and Matthew were having sex, after a scene that seemed to imply they were about to. But perhaps the show is leaving that moment (and her decision) a private one – and hell, Paige deserves some privacy at this point.

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Source: The Americans: "Pests" Review

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