If the first couple of episodes of The 100: Season 4 have made one thing clear, it’s don’t mess with Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos)

It’s been quite a journey for the character, who’s had one of the most incredible and notable transformations on a show known for big character transformations. In Season 4, Octavia has been more deadly than ever, now functioning as an assassin, while becoming more closed off than ever in the wake of losing her beloved Lincoln in Season 3 and deciding to eliminate his killer, Pike, moments after the two had been fighting together against a common enemy. I recently spoke to Avgeropoulos about Octavia’s current state of mind, her bond with her mentor, Indra, and more on what to expect as Season 4 progresses.

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Source: The 100: Octavia's More Dangerous (and Lethal) than Ever

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