Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The characters on The 100 have faced so much turmoil and experienced so many horrific things — while watching people they love die all the time — that whether you agree with the choice or not, it makes sense that some of them would decide, “You know what… I’ve had enough of this.”

So while it was certainly sad and somber seeing a bunch of people (including a small group we were invested in) decide it was time to stop fighting to survive here, it also felt believable… for the most part. Clearly, with Jasper, he’s been in such a nihilistic state for the past two seasons, this is very on brand – and, let’s face it, it’s time to say goodbye to his character after all that, given it doesn’t feel there’s anywhere else to go with him. And with Raven, she too has faced so much anguish, we can see why – with the mental breakdown she’s experiencing – she’d rather die doing something she loves than live on having lost herself. (BUT THEY BETTER FIND A WAY TO SAVE RAVEN!)

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Source: The 100: "DNR" Review

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