Warning: Full spoilers The 100: Season 4 finale follow.

The 100 closed out Season 4 with some huge reveals, as a time jump found Clarke (Eliza Taylor) alive and well on Earth six years after the death wave hit, accompanied by a young girl we’d never met – only for a prison transport ship to arrive, singling to Clarke that her friends were still gone, but a potential new threat had arrived.

I spoke to The 100 executive producer/ showrunner Jason Rothenberg about these developments and what they mean for the show in Season 5 next year.

IGN: The assumption with that prisoner ship is we’re about to meet an entirely new group.

Jason Rothenberg: They’re a totally new group of people. But there are Easter eggs in Season 4 that point to long duration mining space missions and a group of prisoners that went missing. So that’s there in the background of a few different scenes in an early episode and a middle-season episode. I was trying to plant some scenes for that story. But no question it’s a total left turn that brings the thing back full circle. Obviously The 100, in the pilot, were prisoners coming to an earth they thought was uninhabited. Now here comes this group of prisoners coming to an Earth that may or may not be inhabited, and now Clarke is the Grounder. So it really shifts perspective in a cool way, putting Clarke in the position of the person that threw the spear at Jasper in the pilot. That was what was most exciting to me about that idea, is the full circle nature of it and the perspective shift.

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Source: The 100 Creator on the Season Finale's Big Reveals

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