HBO has only aired two episodes of its new sci-fi series Westworld, but it’s proved the biggest water-cooler subject since it debuted that other series everyone talks about back in 2011. Westworld presents us with a much deeper rabbit hole than Game of Thrones, though, and audiences have come to some pretty far out conclusions as to what the heck’s going on at its bottom. Here’s a selection of some of the best, plucked from the internet hive mind and our own brains. We’ll update this list each week as Westworld continues to present new mysteries.

For now, major spoilers for the first two episodes of Westworld ahead.

This explosive theory originated on Reddit: Earnest newcomer Billy (Jimmi Simpson) and the nefarious Man in Black (Ed Harris) are the same person, and exist in episode 2 in two entirely different timelines. There are several times when their behaviour is mirrored, while many are pointing to an older-looking Westworld logo appearing in Billy’s timeline than the one in ‘modern day’ scenes. Could The Man in Black be Billy’s final form, grizzled, desensitized, determined to crack Westworld’s meta game?

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Source: The 10 Wildest Westworld Fan Theories

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