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With only three episodes left of Taboo: Season 1, the set up is finally ending and the real chess game between Delaney and the East India Company is beginning. George Chichester’s introduction into the show last week gave Taboo new momentum as he became the very direct conduit for Delaney’s anti-EIC agenda because of their treatment of the slaves on the Cornwallis.

Here, again, it’s Chinchester and not Delaney who is pushing that plot forward. While Delaney is off grappling with his mental state, it’s Chinchester who is confronting the EIC straight on — and though he wasn’t able to contact Delaney in this episode, we know that he is trying. Now that Chinchester has the crown’s backing, the gloves can come off. We get definitive insight into what happened with the Cornwallis and why Sir Stuart Strange is so defensive. It’s because of Chinchester that Strange even gets serious about playing his game of chess with Delaney and the crown, and I personally can’t wait to see what magic (pun intended) happens when Chinchester and Delaney finally team up to take down the EIC.

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Source: Taboo: "Episode 6" Review

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