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With each episode of Taboo, Tom Hardy’s James Delaney becomes a more intriguing, captivating character. While he started the series as an enigma, we’re starting to get a full sense of him as a person by episode 3, which makes his victories all the more cheer-worthy.

Hardy has steadfastly been playing James as a dangerous man, as he repeatedly says, and with each passing episode we’re getting a better sense of how dangerous and cunning he is. At first, those claims were just words; James clearly seemed dangerous and unhinged, and there are plenty of rumors about his bad behavior, but what proof? Episode 3 started with what the audience has seen and what the characters have seen warping — did James just bite the assassin’s neck, or did he actually rip his heart out with his teeth? — and went as far as to finally say the “m” word, magic, which starts to finally paint in the picture of the man the show has been following.

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Source: Taboo: "Episode 3" Review

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