Pete Tomasi is one of the few DC writers who seems regularly willing to play in Grant Morrison’s toy box and directly continue Morrison’s stories. It’s been great to see Tomasi and his various collaborators craft a sequel of sorts to Multiversity in “Multiplicity.” Sadly, though, a three-issue structure doesn’t appear to be enough to do justice to such ambitious, high-concept material.

After two issues of memorable build=up, “Multiplicity” merely chugs to the finish line in this final chapter. There’s a lingering sense of “That was it?” after reading this issue. The multiversal trappings don’t really disguise the fact that this becomes a story about a bunch of Supermen being captured by an all-powerful villain and then banding together to beat up said villain. The resolution is disappointingly straightforward, and that villain is never properly fleshed out. It’s neat that this arc winds up playing into some of the larger DC Rebirth mysteries, but that lack of development becomes a major hindrance in the final pages.

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Source: Superman #16 Review

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