Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Supergirl’s second season has gotten off to a great start, but there’s no denying that so much of that early success is thanks to the debut of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. “Welcome to Earth” served as an important test for the new season. Can the show still thrive when it doesn’t have the terrific dynamic between the super-cousins to fall back on? Despite its flaws, this episode offered a resounding “Yes.”

It certainly helped that the show added several new characters to make up for the departure of Superman. The most noteworthy of those being Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, as President Olivia Marsdin. It’s always been great to see the Arrow-verse shows honor the contributions of earlier DC TV actors, and it’s tough to picture a more fitting candidate for the job of Madame President.

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Source: Supergirl: "Welcome to Earth" Review

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