Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

On paper, this week’s Supergirl seemed like a recipe for disaster. It was another Guardian-heavy episode in a season where James Olsen is the glaring weak link. And it brought Brit Morgan’s Livewire back into the fold after two less than stellar Season 1 appearances. But while “We Can Be Heroes” had its weak points, the whole package turned out to be a lot more satisfying than expected.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly made the Guardian storyline work better this week. It still mostly hit on the same beats, with James playing kung-fu master in the streets of National City and wrestling over whether or not to reveal his secret to Kara. Maybe it was simply the fact that so much of the episode was focused on the dynamic between Kara and James. It hearkened back to their Season 1 days, when the two still had a charming will-they-won’t -they-thing going. It makes me wish the writers could find a more elegant way to keep James in Kara’s life than having him play dress-up every week.

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Source: Supergirl: "We Can Be Heroes" Review

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