Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“Supergirl Lives” is notable not just for being Supergirl’s midseason premiere, but because it marks director Kevin Smith’s debut on the series. Honestly, apart from the presence of his daughter Harley Quinn as teen kidnap victim Izzy Williams and a reference to “Thanagarian Snare Beasts,” you wouldn’t know there was anything out of the ordinary about this episode. But that’s a good thing. Smith has always voiced his desire not to rock the boat when it comes to his Flash and Supergirl work, and “Supergirl Lives” proved to be another solid addition to the Season 2 lineup.

Apart from the aforementioned Snare Beast reference, there wasn’t much to actually tie this episode to the now-infamous Superman Lives, which would essentially have been a big-screen adaptation of the “Death and Return of Superman” comic book storyline from the early ‘90s. I suppose you could argue the fact that Kara spent half the episode de-powered is a loose connection. But mainly, the goal here was clearly to give Kara one of those challenges every hero needs to experience now and then. She needed to reaffirm that Supergirl’s power comes from more than mere physical strength. She’s someone who can inspire others even when the situation seems hopeless. Case in point – she managed to rally a group of prisoners to overpower their alien oppressors and make it back to Earth. Not a bad week for Kara, all things considered.

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