Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Apparently Arrow isn’t the only of The CW’s DC shows that has the ability to deliver season finales so lousy they make the entire season seem worse in hindsight. That curse seems to have passed onto Supergirl now. “Nevertheless, She Persisted” definitely had its moments, but it did a poor job of wrapping up the show’s many loose ends or making use of the majority of the ensemble cast. Basically, if you’re not a fan of the Kara/Mon-El romance, there wasn’t much to like this week.

Thankfully, one thing this episode did right was to get the “Supergirl vs. Superman” nonsense out of its system right away. The last thing I wanted after waiting all these months for Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman to return was for him to be a brainwashed zombie the entire episode. But Kara was quickly able to beat some sense into her cousin, and we learned that the whole thing was the result of exposure to Silver Kryptonite. Gotta love those weird Kryptonite variants with bizarrely specific side-effects.

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Source: Supergirl: Season 2 Finale Review

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