Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Among its many other strengths, Supergirl has been a real boon for fans of Lois & Clark who miss seeing Dean Cain running around the DC Universe. Heck, the show hasn’t even gotten around to adding Teri Hatcher to the mix yet. This week’s episode was heavy on Danvers family drama as it brought Cain’s Jeremiah Danvers back into play in a big way. Unsurprisingly, that made for a strong and very emotionally charged conflict.

It was easy enough to predict the broad strokes of this episode ahead of time. Of course Jeremiah’s sudden return wasn’t going to be what it seemed. His most recent appearance in “The Darkest Place” was plenty suspicious already, as he conveniently showed up just in time to free Kara and send her on her way. So it was never really a question of whether Jeremiah was a Cadmus spy, but only when and how his true motives would reveal themselves.

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Source: Supergirl: "Homecoming" Review

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