<em>Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.</em>

“Visions and Voices” was a very cool episode of Star Wars Rebels – one that helped bridge the gap between the prequel/Clone Wars era of Star Wars and the original trilogy, using the Rebels characters to do it, in an exciting manner.

Just think about all the elements that came into play here. Maul. The Nightsisters. The Darksaber. Bendu. And, of course, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yes, we insinuated that’s who Maul saw when he and Ezra had their shared vision back in “The Holocrons of Fate,” but this episode not only confirmed it, it set up the Ghost crew now on a mission to find Obi-Wan before Maul could.

This is an exciting development, but also one that raises a lot of questions. Will we actually see the Ghost crew (and Maul!) interact with Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan seemed to have mostly lived a simple existence in-between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, but Rebels may be adding some very notable developments to this period of his life. It’s a risky thing, because it needs to feel like it makes sense with what we know, but I have confidence in Dave Filoni and his collaborators to make it work.

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Source: Star Wars Rebels: "Visions and Voices" Review

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