Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Grand Admiral Thrawn sure is playing the long game here, huh? I’m guessing some will scoff at him actually going so far as to let the Ghost go at the end, but I liked it for a couple of reasons. One, because it is always nice to have a bad guy with his own code or sense of honor, so Thrawn noting, “They’ve earned their victory today” was appreciated. But more so because let’s not forget the word today in that sentence.

If Thrawn had shot the Ghost down, he would have gotten some notable Rebels, but certainly not any large number of them. And right now, he’s information gathering in a big way. It was very interesting to see how observational he was here, getting to interact with Hera up close and personal and get to know how she operates – something I’m guessing he’ll try and do with more of our heroes. After all, he explained he believed you couldn’t truly defeat an enemy until you understood, “Their history, philosophy… art.

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Source: Star War Rebels: "Hera's Heroes" Review

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