Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

South Park’s brief, random hiatus last week wound up coming at a really fortuitous time. This season has focused a great deal of attention on the civil war between the boys and girls at South Park Elementary, as the girls cry out against online harassment and the boys firs back with the South Park equivalent of #NotAllMen. But now, with that infamous Donald Trump tape leaking last week, suddenly this storyline feels all the more relevant. It serves as yet another reminder that South Park is at its best when it manages to be timely without tying itself too specifically to any one news item or controversy.

The show avoided any direct references to the Presidential election this week (suggesting all the more that Trey Parker and Matt Stone simply aren’t interested in trying to compete with real life). Instead, “Wieners Out” divided its focus between the worsening situation at the school and Gerald’s struggle to leave Skankhunt42 behind him. That narrower focus alone helped give this episode a sense of structure that’s sometimes been lacking this season.

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Source: South Park: "Wieners Out" Review

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