Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

One of the great things about South Park’s last-minute production schedule is that the show is frequently able to lampoon current political events mere days (or even hours) after they unfold. It’s become tradition for the show to tackle the outcome of various US Presidential elections. This year is no exception.

The twist this time, however, is that even Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn’t foresee the outcome of this election. Donald Trump’s surprise victory last night forced some last-minute changes with this episode. Even the title changed from “The Very First Gentleman” to “Oh, Jeez” earlier today. But Parker and Stone are nothing if not adaptable, and it’s a testament to their comedic skills that this revamped episode fit as seamlessly as it did into the larger Season 20 narrative.

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Source: South Park: "Oh, Jeez" Review

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