Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

These past couple episodes of South Park have served as a major showcase for just how adaptable Trey Parker and Matt Stone can be. Last week, “Oh, Jeez” had to be reworked at the very last minute to reflect Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory. And as continuity-driven as this season has been from the start, that shake-up is still having ramifications. It’s clear that whatever plans Parker and Stone may have had back in October have changed significantly since then. But the fact that the Season 20 conflict is still so entertaining speaks highly of their ability to improvise.

In some ways, the fact that Mr. Garrison won the election rather than Hillary Clinton actually seems to jive better with the show’s general direction this year. It certainly fits with the whole Member Berries concept and the idea that political developments like the Brexit vote and Trump’s election show humanity clinging to the past rather than trying to move forward. As this episode explores a world rapidly being consumed by fear and paranoia, the season begins to feel more timely and relevant than ever.

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Source: South Park: "Members Only" Review

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