Son of Zorn might be largely set in Orange County, but it establishes a decidedly more fantastical world from the get-go in its pilot. The show’s titular barbarian hails from the land of Zephyria, an island animated nation which, according to executive producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, exists “under the ‘A’ in the Pacific Ocean.”

Zephryia is a realm straight out of ’80s action cartoons, comparable to He-Man’s Eternia, and much of the fun of Son of Zorn is seeing those fantastical elements meld with our own more mundane world. The second episode of the show sees Zorn using the Stone of Sight to help his son Alangulon get the girl he’s been pining after, though the episode is also loaded plenty of nods to other Zephryian secrets waiting to be discovered.

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Source: Son of Zorn Is Serious About Its Animated Land, Zephyria

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