The fun of Son of Zorn continues to show itself as Zorn tries to form a fatherly bond with his son. While Zorn remains a character who can be hard to like, watching his world — inspired by fantasy pulled straight out of ’80s cartoons — intersect with the familiar, often bland representation of our own is what makes the new FOX series special.

Spoilers for Son of Zorn’s second episode and official premiere, “Defender of Teen Love,” continue below.

Watching Zorn use the Stone of Sight to try to resolve Alangulon’s (Johnny Pemberton) dating issues in “Defender of Teen Love” kept making me wonder if this is similar to what Adult Swim’s standout series Rick and Morty might look like as a slightly more grounded live action series. Zorn is hardly a likable guy, and oftentimes his humor can fall flat, like when he ruined Alan’s chances at picking up Nancy (Ellen Wong) by making out with himself and pushing his behind against the garage window.

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Source: Son of Zorn: Episode Two Review

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