Given the sheer variety of super powers out there, chances are that someone is bound to get the shaft. For every John and Jane enjoying their super strength or laser eyes, there’s likely at least one person forced to accept that simply making things glow will have to do. Superpowers aren’t fair, but that doesn’t make them not fun. From writer Eric Heisserer and artist Raul Allen, Valiant’s latest proves that even the castoffs deserve their time to shine.

One of the first things this book gets right is its easy accessibility. Valiant has built up a pretty solid foundation over the last few years, but you don’t need to know its entire history going in to allow for basic comprehension. Rather, Heisserer uses the early part of the issue to both set up the stakes and lay out the events preceding it, using dialogue as a way of filling in the blanks. Too often these setups veer into obvious information dumps, but the writer does a nice job of getting everything out in a way that’s organic and fits the narrative presented. Heisserer utilizes the ever useful Harada to great effect, reminding readers of his attempt to build and mold an army of psiots. The story takes off when we learn that not all psiots are created equal, with those deemed unworthy or inadequate shuttled off to essentially stay out of the way.

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Source: Secret Weapons #1 Review

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