Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Samurai Jack capitalizes on the excellent season premiere and keeps the momentum going with a tense and shocking chapter that truly takes Jack to a place we’ve never seen before. But before things got as heavy as they did, we finally get a chance to catch up with Aku after his absence in the first episode. Aku explains just why Jack can’t get back to the past (he destroyed the time portals) and why Jack can’t age (a side effect of time travel), and it’s a surprise to see that Aku feels tortured by this situation because he can’t just wait for Jack to get old and die, making Jack forever a thorn in his side. The scene sees Aku makes a copy of himself to be his own psychologist, a nice bit of humor to keep the show balanced and true to its roots.

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Source: Samurai Jack: "XCIII" Review

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