Women in the United States control over $5 trillion in investable assets. That’s right: 5 trillion—as in 5 followed by 12 (12!) zeros. Considering this staggering figure, you’d think that investment advisers would be clamoring to attract more women as clients. But, as frustrating as it is to believe, the exact opposite is true—many traditional advisers view women as a “niche” market and disregard their investment power. Enter Sallie Krawcheck, a former Wall Street powerhouse who’s working to completely dispel this sexist school of thought. Currently the Chair of Ellevate, the global professional women’s network, Krawcheck spent nearly 30 years in the financial sector. Not only did she helm some of the country’s most powerful banks, including Citigroup and Bank of America, she was heralded and give women the tools they need to dominate the financial services field and achieve their monetary goals. And she’s doing so with Ellevest, a recently-launched digital investment platform that allows women to set her own goals while incorporating her current financial situation and factoring in future earning potential.
Source: Sallie Krawcheck Launches New Investment App Ellevest

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