The cast of Saga have rolled with plenty of punches across the series’ run, but that doesn’t mean Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples intend to stop swinging. Their latest further explores the immediate aftermath of recent revelations, in turn adding yet another jarring and wholly unexpected swerve.

To say that Saga carries political undertones would be incorrect, as that would suggest that Brian K. Vaughan is anything less than transparent in his delivery. Despite being only two issues deep this arc has already tackled abortion, miscarriages and affordable health care, with Vaughan depicting each in the straightforward, no frills manner we’ve become accustomed to. That assured nature is further represented by his characters. The sudden emergence of Alana’s Wreath abilities takes over the early focus of the read, but Vaughan doesn’t allow his script to blow past reminding us how she got them. Its bittersweet stuff, and the book’s various interactions reflect as such.

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Source: Saga #44 Review

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