WB Games Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins, has reportedly cancelled an unannounced Suicide Squad game and is instead now focusing on a Damian Wayne Batman game.

According to unnamed sources speaking to Kotaku, the reported Suicide Squad project had been in development for at least two years and was possibly even a co-op game. The game failed to impress executives at Warner Bros. and was cancelled after “a long period of turbulence at WB Montreal” according to the report.

Instead, the report states that WB Games Montreal’s current project, a Damian Wayne game, was originally going to be revealed at the beginning of December, according to Kotaku’s sources. Kotaku’s report suggests the announcement may have been pushed back due to key WB Games Montreal employees leaving the company and the hiring of new studio head Stephane Roy.

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Source: Rumor: Arkham Origins Team Cancels Suicide Squad Project

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