As a better-late-than-never pack-in game for the excellent Oculus Touch controllers, Robo Recall does a fantastic job of showing off what they can do in action. It may be another glorified VR shooting gallery, but it’s a glorious glorified VR shooting gallery full of detailed robot models, great-feeling weaponry, and non-stop satisfying action.

A thin layer of tongue-in-cheek story sends you out to “recall” hordes of defective robots in the same sense that Rick Deckard “retires” replicants in Blade Runner, except with more action-hero flair. I love the sense of freedom I get every time a group of robots descends on me, because there are so many ways you can break them. There’s the obvious option to simply draw pistols from your hips and blast away until they crumble, which is not a bad way to go. The simple act of shooting in Robo Recall feels great, with loud sound effects and as much rumble as the Touch controllers can muster, and robots react satisfyingly to the impact depending on what body parts you hit.

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