The Ring is one of the better horror remakes of the past 15 years. Director Gore Verbinski managed to recapture most of what made the 1998 Japanese original so great, from the creepy and fascinating premise, to the reliance on dread and unnerving visuals over gore. Rings, a sequel set 13 years after The Ring, fails to include these same elements that have been vital in keeping Samara Morgan and her deadly video as chilling as ever over a decade later. Rings instead opts for lazy jump scares and a convoluted origins story no one asked for or needed.

A young woman named Julia becomes the latest victim of Samara’s curse, which of course threatens to take her life in seven days, after she finds out her boyfriend Holt has joined a cult that’s obsessed with researching Samara and her video. This cult, led by a professor named Gabriel, wants to find out if the afterlife is real and constantly forces new victims to watch the video, which continually resets the seven-day death count. Julia decides to sacrifice herself and save Holt, and in doing so she discovers there’s unseen footage within the movie. In order to free herself and stop the curse, Julia must unravel the mystery behind the new video and Samara’s tragic past.

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