It’s a mystery how writer Cullen Bunn finds the time to juggle so many simultaneous comic book projects, but we’re fortunate that he does. Regression is Bunn’s latest foray into the horror genre, one that combines Cronenberg-worthy body horror with elements like hypnosis and reincarnation. If that unusual combination sounds enticing, this might just be the comic for you.

Much as Brian K. Vaughan channeled his background as an escape artist into Y: The Last Man, Regression is inspired by Bunn’s own experience as the son of a stage hypnotist who also performed past life regressions. It never hurts having that sort of personal connection driving a new comic. And Regression #1 has no trouble leaving a strong impression from its very first page. The issue opens with a character named Adrian experiencing all manner of horrific visions, visions bad enough that they’re taking a physical toll on his life. There’s a real economy to the series as Bunn and artist Danny Luckert quickly introduce Adrian and a small supporting cast and get the ball rolling. Bunn doesn’t overburden the issue with pointless exposition or narration. For the most part, he seems content to let Luckert’s visuals do the talking.

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Source: Regression #1 Review

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